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Designer Shoe Dupes.

Who doesn't love a good designer dupe?! In this post I will be focusing on shoes I have come across at Walmart that are great look a likes for Steve Madden, Free People, Timberlands and more! You can find links to these Walmart shoes at the bottom of the page.

Steve Madden is a very popular designer that I see all the top fashion bloggers talking about. I can see why, his shoes and accessories are all amazing!

Everyone has been jumping on the mule trend this year and I found a great dupe for Steve Madden's TEMPTING mules in black, which go for $59.95. The Time & Tru brand ring up at $12.98!

I couldn't believe how spot on these Time & Tru quilted leopard sneakers are to Steve Madden's ECENTRCQ Platform Sneakers! The pair from Walmart even has memory foam. I was sure to snag a pair of these while they still had my size. The designer pair go for $59.95 and the ones from Walmart ring up at $14.88.

Keeping the leopard trend going with this great dupe for Steve Madden's FEATHERLW Leopard Flats. They are slightly different but still super cute and have memory foam! The designer pair go for $89.96, while the Walmart pair ring up at $14.97.

Another great trend of 2019 had been snake skin! Same as the flats they are a little different but still a great look a like! The Time & Tru ring up for $19.89 compared to $129.95 for the Steve Madden JILLIAN snake boots!

Walmart is coming in HOT with all these Steve Madden dupes! Although the color is different these Time and Tru knit boots are a great look a like for Steve Madden's REMY sock booties! The designer pair go for $99.95 and the pair form Walmart are only $24.98.

Fall is just around the corner so get ready to see over the knee boots everywhere! Walmart has a great pair for only $19.98 and are a similar style to Steve Madden's GORGETTE over the knee book, which goes for $99.95.

Free People and Golden Goose are two very expensive brands, but have no fear, Walmart has you covered! This dupe for the Free People Royale flats is pretty spot on. The designer pair go for $198.00 but the Walmart pair are only $17.98!

Golden Goose sneaker are known for costing hundreds of dollars for shoes that look 5 years old, but none the less they are very popular. These Time & Tru pair are a little cleaner and only cost $16.98 as opposed to these $385.00 designer sneakers!

There is no such thing as to much leopard!

Although its not a designer brand these Time & Tru wedged sneakers are a great look a like for SODA's zip platform sneakers which go for $29.99, compared to $19.98 for these wedge sneakers from Walmart.

Another great Steve Madden dupe are the Time & Tru's wedged sneakers in black which look just like the WEDGIE sneakers that go for $89.95. My Walmart only had a few sizes let of these cute sneakers so be sure you snag a pair!

They might not be exactly the same but these boots are pretty close to popular styles of Timberland boots!

The first pair are your classic hiking boot, the designer pair go for $170.00, while the Time & Tru pair go for $25.00.

Who doesn't love a good heeled boot for fall?! These Timberland TILLSTON boots are adorable but are $140.00! These similar pair for Walmart are around $25.00. ( I didn't take a photo of the tag and I can't find them online, sorry!)

I hope you are able to snag some of these great designer dupes!!

Unfortunately, I could not find links to these two pairs of shoes.

Black wedge sneakers

Heeled boots

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