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Holiday Gift Guides

I put together a couple gift guides to help make your holiday shopping a little easier. The most requested one was for the men in your lives. Next was for mother and sisters, so I put together a guide for the ladies too. I will be working on a few other guides to help you out this season! These items are all avaliable on, are eliaglbe for Prime shipping, and have great reviews. I have linked all of these items on this post for easy one click shopping! If there is a specific guide you would like to see let me know. Happy shopping everyone!

Slim Wallet with Money Clip - Mutiple colors - $29.95 + 5% off coupon

Bluetooth Stocking Hat - Mutiple colors and styles - $14.99

Tile Trackers - $47.99 for a two pack

Grill Scraper - $18.82 + 20% off coupon

Earpods - On sale for $27.98 (Org. $45.99)

Portable Car Vaccum - On sale for $34.99 + 35% coupon (Org $44.97)

Stainless Steal Bottle Cooler with Accsesories - $29.97

Craft Beer Kit - $49.99 for the full kit

Essential Oil Difuser - $19.99 + $5 off coupon

Bluetooth Earmuffs - Also comes in white - $19.99

Weekly/Monthly Planner - On sale for $15.99 ( Org $19.99)

Gold Pens - $10.99 for six pack

Memory Foam Slippers - On sale for $18.74 (Org $24.99)

Massage Pillow - $39.95 + 5% off coupon

Memory Jar - Mutiple jars - $27.99

Engraved Braclet - Multiple sayings - On sale for $11.99 (Org $14.99)

Letter Wine Cork Decor - All letters avaliable - $22.95

I hope you found these guides helpful! As always, your support is greatly appreciated!

Every view, subscription and those who shop through my links, THANK YOU!!

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