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Food Scene in New Orleans

There is no denying that the food scene in New Orleans is what I was most excited about on our recent trip. In the city you find a vibrant mix of seafood, French cuisine, and Cajun classics. There were so many wonderful places we wanted to try but only had time to visit a few. We were all looking forward to some great seafood boils, so that starts our food adventure in New Orleans.

Our first stop, right after we got out of the airport, was Boil House in the Garden District. In the midst of homes, businesses and trolleys this area was bursting with life! We were greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable waitress named Jessica and were lucky enough to have her has our server. We ordered raw oysters and charbroiled oysters to start and boy let me tell you these are the best oysters I have EVER had! They were perfectly shucked, the flavor was on point and they were the perfect size. (I've has some that are just too big.) Something unique about the raw oysters was they were completely shucked and rinsed to get rid of any sand or slim, then brined in salt water to reintroduce a little salt. Now the charbroiled oysters, were out of this world delicious! A little bit of butter, parmesan and bread crumbs then cooked on an open flame to get the perfect amount of char. You guys, we all dream about these oysters!

Next, were our seafood boils we created. Ryan and I both had snow crab legs, crawfish, and blue crabs with garlic butter and spicy seasoning. My father in law went a little smaller and just got the blue crabs. This was my first time having crawfish and they were pretty good! Once you get in the rhythm on breaking them apart, it's kind of fun. And yes I did suck the juices out of the head! The snow crab legs were tasty and cooked to perfection, these are always a go to. However, the blue crabs were not my favorite, there is very little meat for a lot of work. And can't even lie, all the guts were a little much for me. I would opt for more crab legs or crawfish! Although I don't have any photos, the cocktails were amazing. I enjoyed a frozen passionfruit margarita (they didn't skimp on the tequila) and Ryan had a Louisiana Mule that had a fun twist on the classic. When I tell you guys we loved the food, staff and atmosphere here so much I mean it, we even ended up going back for more oyster another day!

The next day I took on New Orleans myself, and needless to say it was interesting. After touring the New Orleans Museum of Art and the sculptor garden I headed to the French Quarter for lunch. I knew I wanted crawfish etouffee, I asked a few people and everyone said Royal House has the best. I went with their recommendation and it did not disappoint!

I started with a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc and a half dozen charbroiled oysters, because when in New Orleans... Then came my crawfish etouffee, great flavor, a perfect amount of rice for the dish and a generous portion of crawfish. This adorable restaurant was right in the middle of the French Quarter with all the hustle and bustle, facing the beautiful Louisiana Supreme Court Clerk building. French door windows opened to create an open air environment. The service here was prompt and friendly.

Brunch the next day was one for the books! We went to Stanley's on Jackson Square for a French influenced breakfast. We started out meal with bloody mary's and Irish coffees, in true

brunch fashion.

We knew we needed to try the French Fried Frog Legs, we always go for the most unique thing on the menu! They were delicious, I loved the lemon-tabasco-honey butter that was drizzled on top. Ryan got the Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, the eggs were poached perfectly and they didn't skimp on the crab. I went with the Corned Beef & Hash, I've never had such tender and flavorful corned beef! My father in law when with the Eggs Benedict Po'boy, beautifully poached eggs, crispy Canadian bacon, and a great hollandaise served on the perfect bread. He also added fried oysters, which he loved! This place definitely has you feeling like you are in France. Quaint bistro seating nestled in Jackson Square with performers and artists. Great service and our waiter knew to get the drinks coming!

For dinner that night we visited Cochon, a Cajun & Southern kitchen that is attached to it's own butcher shop. There were a ton of things at the butcher shop that sounded delicious too, but we couldn't do both places. (Just going to have to go back!) This place is nestled in the downtown area amongst a bunch on unique bars and restaurants, all with great outdoor areas. It was a little chilly out but they had plenty of heaters to help keep us warm.

We started our meal with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and Fried Alligator with Chili Garlic Mayonnaise. This was hands down the best alligator we had while in Louisiana! There were so many amazing things on the menu, I had a tough time choosing. I went with the Amber Jack with Acorn Squash and Fried Leeks. The fish was cooked to perfection and paired great with the squash. Ryan got the Rabbit and Dumpling, the flavors were outstanding but we wished there was a litter more rabbit meat. My father in law order the Wood Fired Red Fish which is a staple in Louisiana. So many great dishes and not enough room in our bellies! We all agreed the winning dish here was the Rabbit and Dumplings, Ryan is still talking about it. Service was laid back but still prompt and friendly.

The food experience here was out of this world! There were so many things I wanted to try and other places I would have loved to visit, but there just wasn't enough hours in the day. Out of all the things this trip we talk about the food the most. Next time you are in the city, check these places out, you won't be disappointed!

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