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Cozy Fall Essentials

With the cooler fall months ahead we could all use things to help us stay cozy and warm. I have put together a list of some great fall essential items for you! All of these are available on, with Prime shipping, and have good reviews. I've linked everything for you on this blog post for easy shopping. You can also find them on my Follow me on the app and never miss a thing!

Fall Scented Candles - Yankee Candles are the best, they burn bright, last for a long time, and are very fragrant. All important things when shopping for a candle. I love all things Pumpkin so the Pumpkin Pie candle is one of my favorites. Another great one is their Salted Caramel!

Fuzzy Hoodie - On those chilly days you need something soft and cozy to wrap yourself in! This oversized fuzzy fleece hoodie is perfect for enjoying hot cocoa on the couch or stay warm when running errands. Best of all, it has POCKETS!

Warm Slippers - One of my biggest cozy essentials are slippers with both warmth and good tread. These leopard fuzzy slippers provide both and fit true to size. Plus, they are super cute!

Scrunchies - I don't know about you but the first thing I do when getting cozy is throw my hair up! Have a scrunchie on hand is always helpful. And they are also a super cute accessory!

Soft Throw Blanket - I am all for cute throw blankets year round but the are a necessity in fall and winter! This one is super soft and big enough to wrap around my husband and I comfortably. I am also a sucker for tassels!

Seasonal Pillow Covers - Well of course you need cute throw pillows to go with the blanket! The best thing about getting covers instead of different seasonal throw pillows is you get to pic the quality of pillow! I just feel like decorative throw pillows are never very comfy. Plus, you can easily change up your décor.

Blanket Scarf - I have always been a fan of scarves, and the warmer the better! Can't go wrong with a cute fall colored one. I'm guilty of having them in several colors. haha

Pajama Set - Next to throwing my hair up, changing into comfy clothes is first on the list of getting cozy! I absolutely love this set, one because who doesn't love leopard print, and two this copper color is beautiful.

Spanx Leggings - The ultimate cozy essential, leggings! The faux leather spanx leggings have been a hot item for years and I can see why. Fashion forward, comfortable, and slimming! They may be a little on the pricey side but they are high quality and will last longer.

I hope you found this Fall Cozy Essentials round up helpful! Whether you're looking at items for yourself or as I gift, these are all great products. As always, your support is greatly appreciated!

Every view, subscription and those who shop through my links, THANK YOU!!

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