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5 Great Websites/Apps for Instagram & Blogging

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I wanted to share with you some of the websites and apps that I love to use for Instagram and my blog. I wish I would have found some of these sooner, they're game changers!

IG Line Break Caption Generator

Have you ever written a nice caption with bullet points and line breaks, only for it to get messed up when you post it? Yea me too, its super frustrating! Well this site keeps that from happening. The IG Line Break Caption Generator is super easy to use, just type in your caption with any bullets, line breaks, etc. then copy and paste! You can find the link to their site here.

Cool Symbols

You know all those symbols, special characters and fancy text you see everyone using on the internet? Well, I recently found a site that has all of them in one place! It has all the fun symbols, fancy text, emojis, and text art you could want! You can find the link to the site here.

All Hashtag

Do you sometimes find it had to come up with good hashtags, or just trying to think of new ones? This site has tons of idea for great hashtags! On their site you will find tabs for GENERATOR, CREATOR, ANALYTICS, and CHARTS. You can find the link here.


Type in a keyword for the hashtags you are looking for (I.e. Fashion, Travel, Beauty, etc.) and it will then generate 30 of the top hashtags for that keyword. It also has five other lists of 30 hashtags for that keyword. Then copy & paste and wala!


This simple yet great feature really helps cut down on time when typing out hashtags. No more going back and forth between letters and characters! Just type the hashtags you want into the first box with out the #, then in the second box it will type them all out with the #.


This neat feature shows you how popular the hashtag is, how many times it used and other similar hashtags. It also has charts showing you how popular that hashtag is compared to others. Just type in the hashtag and it will generate the analytics for it.


I really like this feature because it shows you the most popular hashtags for the day, week, month and all time. It also has subcategories, like the best hashtags for follows, likes, and for different themes. (I.e. Travel, Fashion, Beauty, etc.)


This free app offers tons of great features, it's designed to edit faces but it works for everything! You can upgrade and pay $2.42 a month to unlock all the features but I don't seem to need them.

Under RETOUCH, some of my favorite features are the ACNE, SMOOTH, WHITEHN, and BRIGHTEN. These features work great if I need to touch up a picture of myself, or if I need to edit a photo of food or drinks for work. Under TOOLS, you can crop, rotate, enhance and blur. I like having the blur tool because I can choose what is all blurred not just a premade shape or size.

There is a MAKEUP feature that I don't really use much but is still super cool and realistic. Then under FILTERS there are tons of great ones to choose from. Find the link to download the app here.


There are so many Instagram Story apps out there, and I'm guilty of having about six on my phone. One of my favorites I have come across is MOJITO. It has lots of great free still templates have some really fun animated ones, some you can event put music to! Some other Instagram Story apps include, MOJO, STORY ART, STORY CHIC and MADE. Find the link to download the app for Apple here, and Android here.

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